Corner Trap Drill


One offensive player stands in the bottom corner where the baseline and the sideline meet. To defensive players stand roughly 10 feet away from the player in the corner. One ball will be used in this drill.


When two defenders trap an offensive player with the ball it can be an effective way to force a turnover. In order to perform a successful trap, however, the defensive teammates will have to be in sync as they simultaneously attack and trap the ball handler in the corner. This drill teaches the teamwork and execution required in order to force a turnover in the corner.

Drill Description

The drill begins by someone (either a coach or one of the defensive players) throwing a pass to the offensive player in the corner. As soon as the ball is in the air, the drill is on. Both the defensive players are free to attach the offensive player. The offensive player, in turn, is allowed to run and dribble as soon as he catches the pass.

The goal for the defenders is to work together in order to get a turnover before letting the offensive player out of the corner.

The goal for the offensive player is to somehow dribble his way out of the corner while retaining the ball.

This is an aggressive action to take by the defense, because it means they are leaving someone open on the court behind them, but it can have huge payoffs if you can execute the trap with perfect timing by trapping the ball handler in the corner.

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