Double Ball Dribble Sprint Drill


Players need two basketballs in this drill. One basketball per hand because they will be dribbling both balls simultaneously.


There are all kinds of ways to improve a player’s dribbling ability. Few drills, however, have a higher degree of difficulty than the Double Ball Dribble Sprint. Many players may become comfortable dribbling a single ball, some players may even be able to dribble two balls in place, but this drill takes it up a whole other level by pushing your players all the way to sprint speed while dribbling two basketballs simultaneously.

Drill Description

Players take two basketball and dribble them down the court as fast as they can.

The instructions are straightforward. The execution is not.

Players should dribble the balls in rhythm so that they are bouncing at the same time. This will significantly improve their hand-eye coordination and overall ball handling dexterity. If they can keep control of two ball while sprinting down the court, then dribble one ball down the court will become a breeze.

Depending on the skill level of your players, you may want your place to start off dribbling in place, then graduate to a walk, then graduate to a job, then, ultimately, progress all the way up to a sprint. The faster that they go, the more difficult the drill gets, and the better ball handlers they become.

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