Game Winner Drill


The player takes his position with a ball in the wing position of the court outside of the three point line.


The Game Winner Drill focuses on a specific type of shot where the player takes the ball in from the wing with one or two dribbles and pulls up before he gets into the congestion of the lane to shoot a jump shot off the backboard. This type of shot can be used to make a game winning shot, hence the name of the drill.

Drill Description

Starting from the wing, players take one or two decisive dribbles to the hoop as if they are aiming for a layup. In a situation where the lane is too congested, they could use this opportunity to pull up and hit a short jump shot.

This drill simulates a scenario where the lane is too congested, so the player should pull up to shot a jump shot from outside of the lane.

This shot should be a bank shot off the backboard. The player should aim for the top corner of the square in the backboard to ensure that he has the correct angle for a successful bank shot.

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