Half Court Trap Drill


An offensive player is given the ball behind the half court line.

Two defensive players line up on the defensive side of the half court line about 10 feet away from half court.


An aggressive defense approach can be a great way to force the other team into uncomfortable situations and flip the momentum of the game to your favor.

Employing a half court trap is a great way to force the issue and attack the offense. This drill teaches a pair of defenders how to work together to successfully trap the offense at half court.

Drill Description

The offensive player begins the drill be dribbling the ball down court across the half court line.

The defensive players’ first priority is to rush to meet the offensive player as soon as he crosses half court. This is prime territory to initiate a trap due to the fact that the offensive player is not allowed to go back behind the half court line without being called for an over and back turnover.

The defensive players must work together in order to steal the ball away before the offensive player can break free and dribble away from the trap.

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