Hurdle Drill


Coaches set up the drill by setting up a few lines of cones, built as a set of hurdles, in front of where the players will dribble.


Dribbling is performed by bouncing the basketball with your hands, but keeping good footwork while dribbling the ball around the court is almost as critical to keeping possession of the ball as your hand dexterity.

This drill will teach players how to keep control of their dribble while forcing them to employ difficult footwork maneuvers at the same time.

Drill Description

Players are sent to dribble as fast as they can over each set of hurdles. The players must do this without the ball bouncing off of the cones and without hitting the cones with their feet. So, they must traverse through the course as fast as possible while hurdling their bodies over the cones and keeping the ball secured with bounces that do not knock the hurdles.

Any unforeseen things can happen on the court, such as people falling or diving for loose balls. Being able to encounter these situations as meet them head on while maintaining control of the dribble is going to set any player up for success.

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