King of the Hill


Every player on the entire team is given a ball and takes a place within the 3-point arc.


Every time a player dribbles a basketball in a game, he must be aware that all the  players on the other team want to take it away from him at all times. The King of the Hill game instills that awareness in players.

King of the Hill is a chaotic game where every man is fighting for himself, so players must keep their dribble while keeping their head on a swivel and being aware of threats from every direction.

Drill Description

As soon as the game begins, players begin dribbling their basketball while simulataneously trying to knock balls away from their opponents. The goal of the game is to be the last player dribbling their ball.

You get eliminated from the game if you step out of bounds, if your ball gets knocked out of bounds, if you double dribble, or if you lose control of your dribble in any other form.

As the game progresses and less people fill the court, the coach may want to accelerate the pace of the game by making all players condense down into the boundaries of the key.

Not only do players need to focus on keeping control of their dribble throughout the game, but they also must think through how they can best attack other people and knock the balls away from their opponents without sacrificing their own ball.

When all is said and done, the last person dribbling wins the game becoming the king of the hill.

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