Roller Derby Drill


The coach stands behind the basket and on the baseline with a ball in his hands. Two players will stand on each side of the coach, behind the baseline, ready to run out onto the court.


The Roller Derby Drill is a great way to instill the competitive spirit needed to win loose ball and score points. Coaches will be able to quickly identify those on the team who are remaining too timid on the court and be able to encourage them to lean into the competitive fiery side with this drill. When the players get up close and personal, everybody will be able to see who wants to win the most.

Drill Description

The coach begins the drill by yelling “Go!” while he roles the ball out onto the court. The pace of the roll should be firm enough that the players can not chase it down too close to the hoop, but slow enough that it doesn’t take them all the way down the court.

The players run as fast as they can after the ball in order to grab it before the other player. Whoever gets the ball first immediately turns around and gets to play offense. The other player becomes the defender.

If the offensive player scores a bucket, then he wins. If the defensive player steals the ball or gets a rebound, then he wins. The competition continues, even after the first shot until either the ball has gone through the bucket (offense wins) or the defender steals the ball or it goes out of bounds (defense wins).

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