Show Your Moves Drill


Make a straight line of cones about 8 feet apart that extends all the way down the court. Players proceed through the drill with a ball, one player at a time.


This is a fun ball handling drill that allows your players to get creative with their moves. The variety found in this drill will also allows your players to work on a diverse set of dribbling skills that they can then deploy in scrimmage and game scenarios.

Drill Description

Players make their way to each cone, imagining that the cone is a defender in their way.

Upon approaching the cone, they then make a basketball move in order to get around the cone/defender.

Players are allowed to make any move they want. There are only two rules: 1) They need to make a different move at each cone and 2) The move can not be a circus move, meaning that it has to be a legitimate move that they would do in a game, not a trick move simply done for the style without any practical use. In general, the less flashy a move is, the more likely that they will be able to succesfully pull it off in a game.

This move could be a spin move, a crossover dribble, a between the legs dribble, a reverse spin move, an in between the legs dribble, a stutter step, a jab step, an around the back dribble, or anything else that they player wants to practice performing so that they can gain confidence in using it in a real game against a real defender.

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