Zig Zag Drill


Players partner up with one ball per partner. The drill begins at one end of the court and will need a clear space all the way through to the end of the court.


This drill focuses on the defender’s ability to shuffle his feet quickly, to change direction quickly, and to follow the path of the offensive player that he is guarding. The main assignment of the defender is to stay in front of his man while keeping his feet in a good shuffle rhythm down the court throughout every zig and every zag.

Drill Description

The defensive player lines up directly in front of the player with the ball. The player with the ball proceeds to dribble down the court at a slight jogging pace. Every few steps, he will Zig Zag at 90 degree angles all the way down the court.

The critical component for the defender is to stay in front of his man by shuffling his feet as quickly as possible. This shuffle will then allow him to open up his hips and pivot every time the player with the ball Zigs and Zags at a new angle.

If the defender can always stay in front of his man with his hips facing square towards him in a shuffle position, it will be near impossible for the offense to get past him off the dribble towards the hoop.

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