Backdoor Cut Drill


The main player performing the drill should line of in the wing outside the three point line. A ball handler should line up at the top of the key in position to pass the ball to the wing. Optionally: A defender can line up in a defensive position against the wing.


Provides a technique for off-ball players to get open going towards the hoop and allows players to practice their timing and teamwork to get the ball to the hoop.

Drill Description

The most important part of this drill is that it should be combined with the “V-Cut Drill” during practice, so that your players can see how these two cuts can work together in order to get open looks for off-ball offensive players. In tandem with the V-Cut, the backdoor cut makes it almost impossible for a defender to guard both the V-Cut and the Backdoor Cut at the same time, meaning that there will always be a way for the off-ball player to get themselves open for a pass. If the defender plays conservatively and won’t allow the player to make a break for the hoop, then the player can always turn their cut into a V-Cut and run back towards the ball for an open pass. However, if the defender overplays towards the arc, then he will expose an opportunity for the backdoor cut towards the hoop.

The timing and accuracy of the pass is the most critical component of this drill. If the ball does get through to the cutting guard, however, it could result in an easy layup opportunity for the offense. Therefore, your players should always be testing for opportunities to get this easy bucket, so practicing the teamwork and passing needed for this cut should be a priority for any team’s practice time.

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