Basketball Pro Agility Drill


Place three cones in a straight line, approximately 5 yards (15 feet) apart from each other. The player performing the drill should line up facing the middle cone with feet straddling each side of the cone.


Basketball requires rapid change of direction. Players that can change their direction quickest will have a significant advantage on the court. This drill focuses on rapid fire change of direction.

Drill Description

Staring in the middle cone, the player will burst 5 yards to the cone on the right. After touching the court with his hand, he will turn and sprint towards the far cone, 10 yards down. Upon reaching this cone, he will have to try even harder to stop his momentum and change direction for the second time for one last burst through the middle cone.

This is a drill often found in the NBA and NFL combines to test the quickness of prospective players. Not only will this drill help you identify your quickest players, but it will improve the entire team’s quickness as they rotate through the drill.

Staying low to the ground is critical for quick changes of direction this drill and on the court. While on defense, the quicker you can change direction while staying low to the ground will increase your change of getting in position to snatch the ball away from a dribbling player or a loose ball on the ground.

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