Cross Court Pass Drill


Two players line up far apart an each side of three point line an opposite side of the court. One ball will be passed between the two players.


When playing against a zone defense (or a loose-man defense) the other team may often overflow to the side of the court that has the ball, leaving the backside of the court wide open. This situation presents a great opportunity for your sharpshooters to find an open space on the backside of the court where they will be able to spot and and shoot a jumper if their team can get a pass to them.

The Cross Court Pass Drill teaches your players to be aware of finding open teammates on the backside of the play and making an accurate and firm cross court pass to give your team an open look at a three point shot.

Drill Description

In a game situation the cross court pass will need to fly over the heads of multiple defenders, so the pass will need to be an overhead throw so that it does not get intercepted. Players will pass the ball back and forth with overhand passes. The passes should be high enough to get over the heads of defenders, but firm enough that it flies across the court fast enough that defender are not able to get to the receiving player too quickly.

If this pass can be executed with precise accuracy and a firm pace then it will enable your players to get the ball to the sharpshooters in open spaces across the court.

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