Double Loop Drill


Players line up one at a time at outside of the lane even with the free throw line facing mid court with a ball in their hand ready to drill.


Learn to dribble the ball at high speeds while making wide and tight turns.

Drill Description

The player will dribble the ball in a double loop path using the lines that are painted on the court. Players will dribble around the top of the key and begin a figure eight pattern around the mid court circle.

A wide turn around the mid court circle is next followed by a tighter turn around the far end key turning tightly around each corner of the free throw line. The player will then head back around the bottom of the mid court circle and finish strong through the top of the original free throw line.

Players should turn as tightly as possible around the curves without stepping on any of the lines.

Once they cross the face of the next player at the end of the drill, the next player can then begin the path. Starting too early will result in player colliding along the path.

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