Dribble Relay Drill


Players get in teams and line up along the baseline with two basketballs per team. This drill can be done with any number of players per relay team, but the teams should be evenly distributed. If there are an uneven number of players, then the team(s) with less players must select one of the players to run for two separate legs of the relay.


Dribbling while sprinting is a whole different ballgame then dribbling in place. This drill focuses on the skills involved with dribbling while sprinting skill.

Not only does it teach them to dribble fast, but it teaches them to dribble fast while the pressure is on. If they can dribble fast while their relay team is counting on them, then they will be able to dribble fast in a fast break opportunity in a game situation.

Drill Description

On the signal of the coach, the first player up for each teams sprints all they way down the court, while dribbling, until he steps on the far baseline with his foot. He can then return all the way down the court, still sprinting while dribbling.

Once he gets to the original baseline, the next player up can begin his leg of the relay. It is important to emphasize that players can not leave for their turn until their teammate has touched the baseline with their foot. Leaving too early should result in a disqualification.

To make it interesting, make sure to turn the drill into a competition. The first team to complete all legs of their relay wins. Not only will this add pressure to each player in order to more accurately simulate a game situation, but it will also add a layer of fun to this very fundamental drill.

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