Jump Ball Drill


Players get in formation for the jump ball situation that occurs at the start of the game. One player from each team who can jump the highest will start in the middle and perform the jump against a player from the other team. You will want to have one person on your team stay further back toward your hoop in a safety position. The other players should spread out to get in good rebounding position to receive the tipped ball.


The point of practice is to prepare your players for real game situations. When planning what situations to prepare for, you want to prepare for the situations that are most likely to occur. One situation that will occur in every game is the jump ball at the start of the game. This drill prepares your players for what they will encounter at the start of the game in order to get the game off to the right start.

Drill Description

The coach stands in the middle of the court like a referee and throws the ball up high. The two jumping players will jump up and try to tip it to their team before the opposing player.

The rest of the players jockey for position in order to get the ball once it has been tipped away from the jump.

Let the drill play out for a couple moments in case the receiving team is able to quickly press the down the court for an easy bucket before the other team is able to get back in a good defensive position.

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