Layup Relay Drill


Players get in teams and line up along the baseline with two basketballs per team. This drill can be done with any number of players per relay team, but the teams should be evenly distributed. If there are an uneven number of players, then the team(s) with less players must select one of the players to run for two separate legs of the relay.


The purpose for this drill if twofold. Firstly, it requires players to sprint while dribbling with the pressure of their entire team watching. Secondly, players must successful complete a layup before they can finish the drill. This combination of skill sets with the added pressure of your team counting on you, makes for a great game-like simulation of a fast break, open layup opportunity.

Drill Description

Players begin their relay when the coach announces the starting signal. The first player on each relay team sprints down the court in an effort to get to the hoop first, so that their layup goes in first. If they miss the layup, they have to shoot again until their layup goes through the hoop. Once they rebound their successful layup, they can then turn around and return to meet with the rest of their team at the baseline.

The next player on the team can not leave the baseline until his teammate returns and touches his foot on the baseline. Coaches should monitor the baseline to make sure that there are no cheaters in their midst.

Each player on each relay team rotates through their leg until all players have completed their part of the relay. The first team to have all players finish wins the relay race.

This is a great way to build camaraderie and trust as each relay team cheers for their teammates during their legs of the relay.

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