Outnumbered Drill


This two-on-one drill features two offensive players outnumbering the single defender.

The offense starts with the ball near half court. While the lone defensive player starts near the free throw line.


Fast break opportunities happen many times throughout the course of a game.

When the offense finds themselves outnumbering the defense, it is critical that they capitalize of the numbers advantage by making the bucket securing the points.

The outnumbered defense, on the other hand, has a great chance to take away a bucket that should have been easy for the offense.

Drill Description

The offense begins the drill by taking the ball as fast as they can to the hoop. The two offense players should be able to have their way as long as they work together to space out on each side of the lane and strategically make passes in order to get the ball in the hands of the open man. If the defender guards the ball handler, then a pass should immediately be made to the open man. No matter what the defender does, the offense should be able to secure an open layup.

The lone defender, for his part, attempts to be make an aggressive move in order to steal the ball despite his outnumbered position.

The drill is supposed to simulate a fast break situation, so the offense is supposed to sprint to the hoop and find a way to score as quickly as possible. In other words, they can not take their time in this drill because they need to score the bucket before the hypothetical rest of the team catches up and reinforces the outnumbered defense.

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