Own the Lane Drill


The player lines up in the center of the lane. The coach stands behind the free throw line.


This agility drill teaches players how to quickly cover all of the ground in the lane. By quickly moving through all four corners this agility drill teaches basketball players how to move quickly in the lane.

Keying in on the coach’s instructions also help to build quick reaction times.

Drill Description

The coach begins the drill by pointing to the corner that he wants the player to run to. The four corners of this drill are the two blocks and the two elbows.

So, if the coach points down and to the right, then the player runs to the elbow on that side. If the coach points up and to the left, then the player runs to the block on that side.

Upon getting to the correct corner, the player then touches the corner on the ground with his hand before immediately bursting back to the center of the key. As soon as the player approaches his return to the center of the key, the coach then points to a different corner and the player repeats the maneuver as quickly as possible.

The coach repeatedly points to different corners throughout the drill and determines an appropriate length for iteration.

Players should have their eyes up at the coach as much as possible in order to keep up with the commands and directions given by the coach in order to react and respond as quickly as possible.

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