Partner Passing Drills


Players partner up and spread apart a distance appropriate for their skill level. Far enough that the passes are not too easy, but close enough to be able to successfully make chest passes back and forth.


To instill the fundamentals of passing the ball between players in a variety of ways.

Drill Description

After players have spread out, they begin the drill by passing the ball back and forth via chest passes. The arc of the ball should be on as straight of a line as possible in order to make it the entire distance without hitting the ground or going too high.

After instill the proper technique for chest passes, players should then graduate bounce passes. The ball should bounce one time in between players while still maintaining a firm speed across the court.

Next is the overhand pass. This looks like the same way that soccer players pass the ball in from out of bounds. This technique is used less often but could come in handy in various game situations in order to get a higher launch point over defenders to get the ball to teammates.

The fourth and final pass type is the around pass. This pass is usually preceded by a shot pump fake, and then the player should reach his hands around to the side of an imaginary defender before passing the ball around that defender to their teammate on the other side of the court.

Coaches can monitor players and give pointers as needed as they progress the team through each type of pass in order to give players a greater set of tools for effectively passing the basketball to their teammates.

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