Position Rundown Drill


The entire team groups together in the middle of the court and faces the coach.


This is a very easy conditioning that teaches beginner basketball players the important locations of places around a basketball court.

Drill Description

The coach teaches players the locations of places on the court by yelling out the location name and pointing at it.

As soon as the coach yells out the name, the players all race to be the first player to correctly identify the location and get to it.

Once all the players get to the location, the coach yells out another location and players all quickly think about where that location is and run to that one. This continues for many locations until the coach calls for a rest.

Some example for the coach to yell out are “half court,” “free throw line,” “elbow,” “block,” “baseline,” “corner,” “wing,” “top of the key,” etc. You can even include the locations that certain players are supposed to line up, for instance, if your offense assigns certain players a position name such as point guard, wing, power forward, center, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.

This is a fun and informative way to teach beginners the locations of places on the basketball court.

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