Quick Cone Cuts Drill


Cones are placed in a zig-zag diagonal formation all the way up the court. Each cone should be at a diagonal angle from the previous cone so that each corner turn will result in a roughly 90 degree cut.


Players will need to make quick cuts while dribbling the basketball. This is a fundamental dribbling drill that works on the ability for players to utilize good agility while dribbling with the ball.

Drill Description

Players dribble the ball around each cone as they make their way through the course up the court. Players should try to dribble as closely to the cone as they possibly can as the cut around them, without kicking them.

When they make their turn around each cone, it should not be a wide loop. Instead it should be a hard cut.

Teach players to cross the ball over to their other hand with each change of direction in order to make the turns much quicker.

As players get more comfortable with the course and more comfortable with ball handling around sharp turns, their goal should be to traverse around the cones and through the drill as fast as they possibly can while maintaining control of the ball and not hitting any cones with their hands of the basketball.

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