Save the Ball Drill


Players line 15-20 feet away from the sideline. A coach takes a ball and prepares to bounce it hard toward the sideline.


Many times throughout a game, the basketball will be bouncing towards the sideline. The team that can gain possession of the ball can turn the tide of the game and flip the momentum in their favor. This drill focuses on building the ability for players to save the ball on the sideline by making an acrobatic play to retain possession of the ball.

Drill Description

The coach begins the drill be bouncing the ball high and hard towards the sideline. The ball should go at a speed where the player will be able to extend out and get to the ball without it being so easy that he will be able to stay in bounds. The point of the drill is that the player will have to jump out of bounds in order to get the ball.

The player should sprint towards the ball and jump up over the sideline in order to get to the ball. Once he has reached the ball, he should quickly take it and throw it back in bounds in order to retain possession of the basketball for his team.

This is a skill that may need some practice, but this acrobatic play can be crucial in your team’s attempts to minimize turnovers and keep the ball for scoring opportunists.

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