Standing Broad Jump


Players spread out between each other and line up on the baseline facing the court.


This drill helps players build stronger and more explosive jumping abilities. By strengthening their leg muscles, this straightforward drill goes a long way to improving the physical performance of basketball players.

Drill Description

A standing broad jump is performed by jumping off both legs while squatting down low and bursting forward as far as possible. Both legs should also touch the ground at the same time as the player lands back down on the ground. The legs should never be separated throughout the course of this drill.

Upon landing with control of their body, players then reset and begin another broad jump further down the court. They proceed to continue jumping until they have covered the entire court.

This is not a competitive drill because the focus on this drill is not on speed, but on developing strength and power. So, each jump should be controlled and each landing should be controlled, meaning that players should have full control of their bodies at all time, going for power and control over speed and quickness.

This drill helps to build athletes that will have a more powerful explosion when jumping for rebounds and moving around the court.

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