Star Pass Drill


Players position themselves in preparation for an in bounds pass. The player with the ball lines up out of bounds on the beginning of one side of the key. The other players line up on each block and each elbow of the paint.


The purpose of the Star Pass drill is to get the team prepared to make quick accurate passes in succession as they work together towards the goal of getting the ball to the hoop.

Drill Description

The passes in this drill always follow the same pattern. As the players get used to this pattern, the passes should be quicker and quicker with more experience.

The first pass always goes to the opposite block. From there the ball goes diagonal to the opposite elbow. Once at the elbow, the pass goes down the side of the key to the block. As soon as the ball gets back to the block, the player in the opposite elbow can begin his break towards the hoop. The player on the block passes it to the player from the opposite elbow, leading him towards the hoop where he can make a layup without having to take more than one dribble, or even better, without having to take any dribbles.

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