Team Tip Line Drill


The team lines up in a straight line facing towards one side of the backboard. The first player in line holds a ball and prepares to throw it up high off of his side of the backboard.


This is a classic basketball method for tuning players into the ability to jump up, get a rebound, and release the ball back up towards the hoop all in one single fluid motion. Not only does it train the eye-hand coordination required to do such a movement, but it also instills the camaraderie needed to continually flow seamlessly as a team in order to keep the ball in the air.

Drill Description

This is a drill that has been seen in many basketball movies as a classic team preparation drill. The first player in line throws the ball up high off of the side of the basket so that it bounces back toward the second player in line.

Players should note that each tip should be aimed away from the hoop so that the ball gets a clean, straight bounce that returns directly back to the teammate in line behind them.

The next player then gets up and performs the tip by jumping in the air, briefly catching the ball, and tossing/tipping it back up off the backboard.

As soon as they get back to the ground, players rotate back into the back of the line by running under the hoop and around the lane.

Throughout the drill, not only should the ball never touch the ground, but it should also never be touched by a player who is still touching the ground. Each tip should be performed while the player is in the air.

When it is time to end the drill, the final player should tip the ball off the backboard and into the hoop for a successful finish.

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