V-Cut Drill


The main player performing the drill should line of in the wing outside the three point line. A ball handler should line up at the top of the key in position to pass the ball to the wing. Optionally: A defender can line up in a defensive position against the wing.


Against aggressive defenders, off-ball players will need to work in order to get open for a pass. The V-Cut drill teaches a great yet simple maneuver for players to create space and get open for a pass.

Drill Description

This drill focuses on the V-Cut maneuver for off-ball offensive players. In order to properly perform the V-Cut, the offensive player in the wing position will take 2-4 hard steps toward the hoop as if he is making a backdoor cut towards the hoop. Then performs a quick cut back out towards the ball where his teammate will have a brief moment of time to pass the ball while the cutter has created some space away from the defender.

When drawn out this maneuver is shaped like the letter “V” which gives this maneuver it’s name.

Although the steps of this cut are very simple to teach and perform, it is a highly effective way to create space because no defender wants to let their guy take an unopposed run towards the hoop.

Advanced tip: It is important to note that the path of the offensive player should be at an angle behind the defender (on the baseline side of the defender) in order to get the defender to turn his hips and eyes away from the ball. Once the cutter senses that the defender has begun his turn towards the basket, he should quickly cut back out towards the ball while the defender’s momentum has gone towards the hoop.

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