Weave & Layup Drill


The player lines up behind the elbow at the top of the lane with a ball in their hands. Cones are not needed in this drill because the court already has the markings needed to guide traffic, but if you want to make the important marking even more clear for your players, then cones can be placed on each of the elbows and on each of the blocks.


This dribbling agility drill builds quickness moving the ball around the lane in nice sharp turns and has players finish with a layup. The combination of agility, footwork, and the layup requirs good ball control and body control throughout the entirety of the drill in order to pull it off successfully.

Drill Description

Players start on the top right elbow and begin dribbling around the far left block. Upon reaching the block, they quickly turn around the block (without stepping on it) and weave around under the hoop to the other block.

They then weave around the second block and cut through the lane diagonally to the left elbow. Once at the elbow, the weave around the elbow and across the top of the free throw line.

The last weave is a quick turn around the original right elbow, before the player then charges toward the hoop to finish the drill off with a layup.

After a few repetitions of this pattern, players should then switch sides, and mirror this pattern in order to get some practice doing this drill with a left handed layup.

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