Counter Punch Drill


Five players take the court in defensive position as if they are guarding an offense on the defensive side of the court.

The coach stands at the top of the three point line with a ball in his hand.


A good counter maneuver is performed when your team quickly transitions from defense to offense before the other team can transition from offense to defense. Executing a counter punch like that is a great way to pick up some easy buckets for your team.

The best times to go for the counter punch is after your team gets a steal or after the other team misses a shot and your team gathers the rebound. This drill focuses on the counter after the rebound scenario.

Drill Description

The players begin the drill in a defense stance facing towards the coach on the top of the three point line.

The coach initiates the action by shooting an off target three point shot so that it hits the hoop but misses.

The team then grabs the rebound and scrambles to get down court as quick as possible. The four players who do not get the rebound all begins sprinting down the court to turn it into a quick fast break opportunity.

In order to successfully execute this counter punch, the teammates need to work together to quickly pass the ball up the court to the next open man in order to get the ball back behind the other team and into the hoop before the other team can transition back into defense.

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