Fast Breaker Drill


The three offensive players line up equidistant from each other behind the half court circle. The two defensive players space out on the other side of the half court circle, in between the offense and the goal.


Fast break situations occur throughout every game. Preparing your players for how to respond to a 3 on 2 fast break situation can go a long ways towards success in the next game.

Drill Description

The drill begins when the coach passes the ball to one of the offense players. Each repetition should feature a different one of the offensive players starting with the ball so that the players can work on the situation from multiple angles of attack. Each angle of attack requires a different response from the defensive players, as well as, different options for the three offensive players.

Once the ball is in play, it turns into a 3 on 2 fast break situation with the offense outnumbering the defense. The players then compete to see which team will score the bucket or get the defensive stop.

The first objective for the defense needs to be for one of the players to stop the ball so that they don’t give up an easy bucket. The other defender then tries to make it difficult for their to be an easy pass. The more obstacles that the defense can put in the way, the more likely they are to force the offense to make a mistake a miss out on capitalizing on their advantageous situation.

The offense, on the other hand, has the numbers advantage so should be able to get a bucket the vast majority of the time if they facilitate the ball with good teamwork until they get the ball in the hands of somwone who can make a relatively uncontested layup.

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