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W Drill

Setup Setup 5 cones in a W pattern. The bottom two cones should be on the blocks. The top three cones should be on each wing and on the center of the free throw line. Purpose The W Drill is a defensive agility drill where your players are trained how to repeat... Read More »

Keep Away Drill

Setup Five offensive players spread out to all four corners of the half court. Four defensive players get in position to guard against the offense. Purpose The keep away drill trains your team to find the open man no matter where he is on the court. Additional... Read More »

Take a Lap Drill

Purpose Taking a few laps around the court is one of the best and easiest ways to warm up before a practice. It is a simple way to get the blood flowing and prepare the legs and the cardiovascular system for an intense practice on the court. Coaches will often... Read More »

Standing Broad Jump

Setup Players spread out between each other and line up on the baseline facing the court. Purpose This drill helps players build stronger and more explosive jumping abilities. By strengthening their leg muscles, this straightforward drill goes a long way to im... Read More »

Hedge Drill

Setup Players line up in a two on two format with a point guard with a ball on the three point line and the other offensive player standing somewhere in the middle of the lane. The two defenders play man-to-man defense. Purpose The defensive hedge is an advanc... Read More »

Reverse Layup Drill

Setup Players begin the drill with a ball in hand standing on the three point arc in between the wing position and the corner. Purpose By teaching players how to pull off a reverse layup, you are giving them another tool in their arsenal for scoring the basket... Read More »

Gutterball Drill

Setup Line up a side boundary of cones spaced directly in between the side of the lane and where the three point line intersects the baseline. This will create the space that players are allowed to use during this drill in between the line of cones and the sid... Read More »

Show Your Moves Drill

Setup Make a straight line of cones about 8 feet apart that extends all the way down the court. Players proceed through the drill with a ball, one player at a time. Purpose This is a fun ball handling drill that allows your players to get creative with their m... Read More »

Flash the Lane Drill

Setup The entire team of players takes the court in a full 5 on 5 player offensive lineup. Optionally line up 5 defensive players in a man-to-man defense. This drill will work much better when your team can see how to place the picks against real defenders. Pu... Read More »

Baseline Ball

Setup Set this game up as a two on two game between two defenders and two offensive players. Each possession must start with the ball behind the three point line in the corner of the court. An invisible line (or a visible line) must be established marking the ... Read More »

Rhythm Crossover Drill

Setup Place cones in a straight line roughly 8 feet apart from each other all the way down the court. Purpose The purpose of this drill is to instill a successful crossover dribble in your players in order to help them build confident in their crossover abilit... Read More »

Clockwise Drill

Setup All players except one get in a circle with a diameter of about 20 feet. One player stands in the middle with a basketball. Purpose This drill gets the team passing the ball with ever increasing quickness pushing players to the bounds of the pass and cat... Read More »