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Position Rundown Drill

Setup The entire team groups together in the middle of the court and faces the coach. Purpose This is a very easy conditioning that teaches beginner basketball players the important locations of places around a basketball court. Drill Description The coach tea... Read More »

Jump and Go Drill

Setup No setup is needed other thank finding a length of open court that players can run down. Purpose This is a physical performance drill that works on one of the most common athletic maneuvers performed on any basketball court. Not only do players need to j... Read More »

Sharks and Minnows

Setup The Sharks and Minnows game pits 2 to 3 players as sharks against the rest of the team who play as minnows. First, the sharks are selected and take the court as defenders. All the remaining players are given their own basketball and line up on the baseli... Read More »

Layup High Five Drill

Setup Players line up outside of the elbow in position to run towards the hoop. The coach stands in front of the hoop and holds up his hand in a high five position. Purpose The purpose of this drill is to teach youth basketball players the proper steps to take... Read More »

Ladder Drill

Setup All players stand across the baseline on one side of the court, spaced out across the entire baseline. Purpose The sport of basketball has a lot of running up and down the court over and over again, possession after possession. The Ladder Drill hones in ... Read More »

Long Layup Drill

Setup Players are spaced far away from the hoop around the half court area with a ball. Depending on the skill level of the players involved the coach should determine the appropriate starting distance based upon how far away players will be able to successful... Read More »

Game Winner Drill

Setup The player takes his position with a ball in the wing position of the court outside of the three point line. Purpose The Game Winner Drill focuses on a specific type of shot where the player takes the ball in from the wing with one or two dribbles and pu... Read More »

Inbounding 1v1 Drill

Setup One player prepares to pass the ball in from out of bounds on the baseline. Two players are out on the court with one on offense and one on defense. Purpose Getting the ball onto the court with a successful pass is the first hurdle of every single offens... Read More »

Hail Mary Drill

Setup Players prepare for the drill by simulating an inbounds situation where there is less than two seconds left on the clock before the end of the half or the end of a game. This means that all players, with the exception of the player passing the ball in un... Read More »

Pursuit Drill

Setup Two players line up on the half court line, one on each side of the half court circle. The player on offense Purpose This drill serves a dual purpose of both simulating a real basketball situation as well as sneaking in some conditioning work. Due to the... Read More »

King of the Hill

Setup Every player on the entire team is given a ball and takes a place within the 3-point arc. Purpose Every time a player dribbles a basketball in a game, he must be aware that all theĀ  players on the other team want to take it away from him at all times. T... Read More »

Spin Move Drill

Setup Only one ball is needed in the hands of the player performing the drill. Purpose As your players prepare for the season, every tool that you can add to their arsenal can help their performance. The Spin Move Drill focuses specifically on their dribbling ... Read More »